Hens in a field.

Poultry Biosecurity Review (TASAH)

A TASAH-funded review of biosecurity, delivered by a trained veterinary practitioner, is available for broiler and layer flocks.

The review will follow a standard approach (Biocheck; Ghent University) to assess both bioexclusion (external biosecurity; measures to prevent disease entering a unit) and biocontainment (internal biosecurity; measures to prevent disease spreading within a unit).

As part of the review, up to three achievable measures to improve biosecurity will be agreed for implementation, with a farm-level report provided.

Over time, the information will also be used to allow flocks to bench mark their bioexclusion and biocontainment scores and sub-scores against other flocks on an anonymised basis. Periodic repeating of the review will also allow progress over time to be measured.

To request a Biosecurity Review, please contact a trained veterinary practitioner or Animal Health Ireland.

A map containing all participating veterinary practitioners is available below.