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Beef HealthCheck is an Animal Health Ireland-led programme developed in collaboration with Meat Industry Ireland.

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Dr Natascha Meunier

Dr Natascha Meunier

Beef HealthCheck Programme Manager


Natascha graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 2005. She worked there for several years in mixed practice and as a government vet. In 2011, she moved to the Netherlands to complete a MSc in epidemiology, where she also worked in private practice as a veterinary practitioner.

With a keen interest in infectious diseases, Natascha undertook a project studying bovine tuberculosis in cattle and wildlife in Uganda, obtaining her PhD in epidemiology through the Royal Veterinary College and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2016. She has since worked on research projects based at the University of Edinburgh and undertook a residency with the European College of Veterinary Public Health and Population Medicine, which she completed in 2020.

Natascha joined AHI in 2019 managing the Beef HealthCheck and Parasite Control programmes.


Calf Health and Genetics - The Road to Improved Sustainability - Beef HealthCheck Webinar

The webinar programme was of particular interest to farmers who purchase calves for their Dairy Calf to Beef system and was designed to help farmers in this system with purchasing calves using the Commerical Beef Value. Also discussed was the management of the young calf when it arrives on the farm including bloat and summer scour when calves go to grass. Finally, with the new Veterinary Medicines Regulations now in place, the use of antibiotics and AMR has come into focus and we discussed what this means on your farm.

Speakers included Peter Hanrahan, farmer from Kilkenny, Chris Daly ICBF, Michelle McGrath Animal Health Ireland and Natascha Meunier Animal Health Ireland.  The webinar was chaired by Nicky Byrne of Teagasc.

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