Closeup of a herd of dairy cattle.

BVD Herd Investigations (TASAH)

BVD Herd Investigations

All herds that have one or more positive or inconclusive results for BVD virus are required to undergo a BVD herd investigation. Herd owners will be contacted by the BVD Helpdesk to nominate the trained veterinary practitioner they wish to conduct their investigation.

Request a herd investigation

  • Funded, whole herd sampling to detect any unidentified BVD virus-positive animals must be conducted as part of the investigation.
  • The option to retest animals with initial inconclusive or virus positive results is no longer permitted.
  • Funded vaccination of female animals over 12 months of age also must be carried out.
  • Investigations must be completed as soon as possible. Only when the virus-positive animals are removed and the investigation, blood sampling and vaccination are completed, herd restrictions will be lifted.

A map containing all participating veterinary practitioners is available to view below.