Parasite Control TASAH Frequently Asked Questions

As part of the Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH), a Parasite Control TASAH consult, between trained veterinary practitioners and their clients is available for 2023.  This is a free and voluntary programme supported as part of the Rural Development Plan 2014-2020, co-funded by the Irish government and the EU. All Irish herds and flocks are eligible.

I registered for the Parasite Control TASAH in 2022, do I have to register again?
No, all herd and flock owners who were registered in 2022 will be automatically re-enrolled for 2023 and be eligible for a visit. New registrations are welcome.

I took part in the 2022 Parasite Control TASAH, can I get my vet out again in 2023 for another parasite consult?
Yes, all herds and flocks are eligible to one consult per year as part of the Parasite Control Programme.

Is this a compulsory programme?
No, the Parasite Control TASAH Programme is a voluntary programme for cattle herds or sheep flocks. Farmers need to register themselves and select a trained Private Veterinary Practitioner (PVP) to carry out a herd or flock visit and faecal egg count sampling.

Do I need to do this to get my subsidies?
No, farmers do not need to participate in the programme to be eligible for subsidies.

What is involved in the programme?
Farmers nominate a trained Private Veterinary Practitioner (PVP) to carry out a herd or flock visit to look at various aspects of parasite control management on-farm. The PVP will make recommendations and will conduct two faecal egg count tests for roundworms (stomach or gut worms). There is no cost to the herd or flock owner, as this is fully funded by DAFM.

How do I nominate my vet?
On the programme registration web-form, farmers will see a green box under the ‘Nominated PVP’ section, by clicking on the magnifying glass a pop-up box will appear where farmers can search and select their preferred PVP.

My own vet is not listed, why?
If you are struggling to find your preferred PVP, this may be down to the fact that your PVP has not completed the training. Should you have any queries in relation to this, please contact the AHI office on 071 9671928 or by email

When should I submit samples?
The veterinary practitioner you have nominated is responsible for taking and submitting the faecal egg samples to the laboratory. As part of the veterinary visit, your vet will discuss the taking of the samples and when best to do so with you.

I am already part of the BEEP-S scheme, what benefit is this to me?
The BEEP-S scheme includes an optional task of testing for liver fluke, whereas the faecal testing in this programme is for stomach and gut worms. This Parasite Control TASAH programme also includes a veterinary herd or flock visit and recommendations for parasite control planning.

I cannot register online, what can I do?
If you are unable to register via the online web-form, ask your veterinary practitioner for a paper form.