CellCheck Cell Count Solutions (TASAH)

A TASAH-funded consult, delivered by a trained veterinary practitioner is available to any farmer that would like to improve their mastitis and SCC control. Many herds do not meet the eligibility criteria for the current Dry Cow Consult, due to non-participation in whole herd milk recording and/or on the basis of their bulk tank SCC results. These herds also require support, but with a different objective to the current Dry Cow Consult i.e. they firstly need to address the underlying mastitis issues.


‘Cell Count Solutions’ Consult

The consult is an opportunity to commence the process of mastitis problem-solving. It can also act as a potential catalyst for ongoing multi-disciplinary engagement. The goal of the consult is to work with the herdowner to identify and connect the additional service providers (Co-op milk quality advisor, farm advisor, milking machine technician etc.), that can provide ongoing support to the farmer after the conclusion of the consult. This consult is targeted at herds with an SCC above 200,000 cells/mL and/or who are struggling to manage mastitis in their herds.

The intention of this first consult is to kick-start a longer-term action plan and to include all the relevant professions, with the herd owner at the centre. There are no eligibility criteria for this consult.

To access access a flyer with details of the consult: click here.

  • Consults may only be requested by the herdowner.
  • Herdowners may request a consult by completing the relevant form on the AHI website.  To register click here.

Animal Health Ireland will issue an email notifying the nominated veterinary practitioner, and other team members of the request. The vet will then arrange a suitable time to complete the consult with the farmer.  The consult will explore all relevant areas, including the cows, milking routine, environment, records etc. During the consult the veterinary practitioner and farmer will identify and agree mastitis-related goals.  All nominated service providers will have access to these agreed actions following the consult.

‘Cell Count Solutions’ Training for Service Providers

The training involves two stages, with Stage 1 being online, allowing each discipline to complete the training in their own time. It consists of five modules covering topics such as evaluating the cow’s environment, assessing the milking routine, analysing resources for herd investigation, interpreting milking machine reports and an introduction to using behaviour change techniques to achieve positive outcome. Once you have completed this online training course, you will be invited to attend Stage 2.

Stage 2 training is in person and aims to move beyond the initial stages of understanding and remembering covered in Stage 1, and deepen learning so that participants can go on to analyse and evaluate relevant data and create tailored on-farm plans with other chosen service providers to support farmers.  Click here to register your interest in this training.

A map containing all participating veterinary practitioners and service providers is available to view below.