Cows feeding in a yard.

Parasite Control Introduction

Effective and timely parasite control on farm has significant impacts on animal health, farm productivity and the processing industry. Reduced feed conversion due to parasite burdens, and decreased overall animal health on farm can be minimised with a strategic approach to tackling parasites on farm. The changing weather patterns and combination of housing and grazing systems used in Irish farms necessitate a tailored approach for many farms, which is best designed by individual farmers working closely with their vets.

A three pronged approach is recommended by AHI’s Parasite Control Technical Working Group to tackle parasites on Irish farms.

  1. Monitoring
  2. Testing
  3. Strategic Treatment

This approach is a move away from the older ‘continual and repeated blanket treatment’ approach previously endorsed on farm, and aims to combine good grazing practices with effective testing to achieve the best results on farm. It is designed to be a more sustainable approach, aiming to minimise Anthelmintic Resistance and minimise treatments on farm.

Reducing parasite burdens on farm will increase productivity and result in increased profitability.