CellCheck Implementation Group

The CellCheck Industry Consultation Group was reconvened in 2017 as an Implementation Group, which is composed of representatives from all industry stakeholder bodies. These individuals not only have an intimate working knowledge of their sectors, but will also have a clear and strong mandate to articulate positions on behalf of their parent organisations and to engage robustly with the issues under consideration. This forum facilitates strong industry engagement and ownership, necessary for industry and programme decision making and direction.

The following organisations are represented in the CellCheck Implementation Group:

Animal Health Ireland

Agricultural Consultants’ Association



Bord Bia

Carbery Group

Centenary Co-op


Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine


Irish Co-operative Organisation Society

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation

Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association

Irish Farmers Association

Milk Quality Ireland

Kerry Agribusiness

Lakeland Dairies

Munster Bovine

North Cork Creameries


Progressive Genetics


Tipperary Co-op

University College Dublin

Veterinary Ireland