Hens in a field.

TASAH Biosecurity Assessment (Poultry)

The Irish poultry industry is diverse and complex. It comprises the rearing of birds for meat and the keeping of table-egg laying flocks to produce eggs for human consumption, a network of breeding flocks and hatcheries to support these activities, the packing of eggs and the poultry slaughter and processing sector.

Good biosecurity is paramount to protecting flocks from disease threats such as campylobacter and avian influenza. The Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH) funds trained PVPs to deliver annual biosecurity assessments, using the Biocheck tool developed by the University of Ghent, free-of-charge to commercial poultry owners. The review assesses both bioexclusion (external biosecurity; measures to prevent disease entering a unit) and biocontainment (internal biosecurity; measures to prevent disease spreading within a unit) and generates up to three agreed measures to address identified risks.