Summer Health Tips 2024

Helpful tips to manage your herd’s health this Summer

Johne's Disease

What is Johne’s Disease?

Johne’s disease information pages

Johne’s Disease Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting Young Cattle from Johne’s Disease

Focus on Protection of Young Cattle at Pasture


Key Messages for BVD 2024

BVD Eradication Key Messages 2024

BVD Eradication Key Messages 2024 leaflet


To Vaccinate or Not?

For general information on cattle vaccination, including a Vaccination calendar template Click Here

Parasite Control

Things to consider for parasite control at grazing:

A Guide to Parasite Control at Grazing

How to take dung samples to test for worms:

Taking faecal samples for parasite testing

Is Coccidiosis a problem on-farm?

Bovine Coccidiosis – The Facts


Milk Recording:

Why Milk Record?

Are you interested in a free mastitis consult?

Cell Count Solutions TASAH

Mastitis Management during Lactation:

Key Messages for managing mastitis during lactation

Dealing with Problem Cows:

Move on those problem cows!

How to collect a sterile milk sample:

Collecting Sterile Milk Samples

CellCheck Dashboard

How to access the CellCheck Dashboard

Hoof HealthCheck

Herd Cost of Lameness

The cost of lameness in Irish Dairy Herds

The Principles of Foot Bathing

Lameness Prevention – The Principles of Foot Bathing


Key tips on biosecurity and how to keep infectious disease out of your herd:

Purchasing Stock: Reducing Disease Risks

Click on the image below to find out more about bioexclusion and how to keep infectious diseases out of your herd.