Spring Tips 2024

Helpful tips to manage your herd’s health this Spring

How to Reduce Mastitis Around Calving

1. Take care with freshly calved heifers and cows

How to Reduce Environmental Mastitis

2. Is your milk ready for the tank?

Check that milk is suitable to go in the
bulk tank

3. Milking technique and creating a consistent routine

Use Good Milking Technique and a Consistent Routine

4. How to deal with high SCC cows

Dealing with High SCC Cows

5. Fancy a free Consult with your vet to improve your milk quality?

Free consult with your vet to improve milk quality

Cell Count Solutions TASAH

6. Seek advice if problems persist

Seek Professional Advice if Problems Persist

Records - Keeping Records in Spring - How and Why?

1. Finding problem quarters using a CMT/paddle test

2. Clinical Mastitis: Taking a good milk sample – how and why?

Milk Cultures

3. Which records to keep?

Records to Keep on Clinical Cases of Mastitis

4. Record clinical cases of mastitis

How to Record Clinical Cases of Mastitis

5. Benefits of milk recording

Why Milk Record?

6. The importance of early milk recording

“Magnificent Milk Recording”

How to Deal with Common Calf Issues

1. Signs of calf health – Early detection of disease for better outcomes

2. Treatment for the scouring calf

3. A recipe for an oral homemade Electrolyte solution from CalfCare

CalfCare Electrolyte Solution

4. How to manage Crypto on your farm

Cryptosporidiosis in
Neonatal Calves

5. The facts about Bovine Coccidiosis

Bovine Coccidiosis – the facts

6. How to administer local anaesthetic at dehorning


7. Control of Pneumonia in dairy calves

Managing calves with pneumonia


Keeping hooves healthy – Housing and Pathways, Collecting Yards

Reducing the risk of lameness around calving

Dairy Cow Management around calving to reduce risk of lameness


Johne’s disease control at calving

Johne’s disease Control at Calving

Parasite Control

A Guide to Parasite Control at Turnout

A Guide to Parasite Control at Turnout