Options for your 2023 Whole Herd Test as part of the Irish Johne’s Control Programme

All herds in the Johne’s programme in 2023 are required to undertake a whole herd test.  This is done on milk or blood samples taken from all animals in the herd aged two years or more.

If you intend to use milk samples, you should contact your milk recording organisation (Munster Bovine, Progressive Genetics, Tipperary Co-op or Dairy Data) immediately to arrange this.  Samples collected in mid-lactation are more suitable for Johne’s testing than those in early or late lactation.  To find out more see our ‘Planning your Milk Test’ fact sheet here.

If you intend to use blood samples, contact your nominated veterinary practitioner to arrange the testing.

Make sure you include every eligible animal on your farm in this testing. You can log in and use your Johne’s screen on ICBF to list the animals to be tested, and if you are not sure how to access this screen, your vet will be able to help.

Animals over two years which are non-breeding and held entirely separately from your breeding herd are exempted from testing.  This only applies to animals such as beef animals held on a separate land parcel or feedlot, but not to animals such as cull cows, bulls or un-calved heifers which have been or will be part of your dairy herd.  To exempt animals from the testing requirement, complete and submit the exemption form from here.

NOTE: Herds that are in their fourth or fifth year of test negative pathway (herds that since 2019 have completed three VRAMPs and three or four years of herd testing with negative results) have their rate of payment for herd testing assistance in the fourth and fifth year reduced to zero.

For further information, contact:

  • Your approved veterinary practitioner in the Johne’s programme
  • Your milk recording organisation
    • Munster Bovine – phone Aishling on 022-43228
    • Progressive Genetics – 046-9540606
    • Tipperary Co-op – 067-32000
    • Dairy Data – 087 6064344
  • The IJCP Herdowner Flowchart here.