Calves at Moorepark

Calf Rearing for Tomorrow’s Herd – CalfCare Webinar January 2022

AHI together with Teagasc and the Dairy Co-ops with the support of Volac held a CalfCare webinar on calf rearing on 18th of January.  Topics covered included:

  • Colostrum quality and improved colostrum management.
  • Three key points that farmers need to know and remember when it comes to housing calves.
  • New guidelines in dealing with pain management in routine calf husbandry practices.
  • New insights into how to prevent bloat in calves.
  • Dairy farmer, Philip Donohoe, on his calf rearing management and what works for him to ensure a successful calving season.

To view the full webinar, click on the link below.

CalfCare Webinar Link

For the webinar, we produced a handout with more detailed information on each of the topics discussed at the webinar.  Click on the link below to access the CalfCare handout.

CalfCare Webinar Handout