Lawrence Gavey

Lawrence Gavey

Johne’s Disease Programme Manager


Lawrence Gavey graduated from University of Queensland in 1989 and has a degree in veterinary science. Over the last 30 years, Lawrence has worked as a veterinary practitioner in equine, mixed practice and government. This diverse experience has benefited him in his career to date.

More specifically over the past 20 years, Lawrence has participated in, or led, government programmes to manage established diseases of livestock and animal welfare in several Australian state government veterinary services ranging from the temperate south of Victoria and South Australia to the sub-tropical north of Queensland. These diseases included Johne’s disease, brucellosis, enzootic bovine leucosis, avian and equine influenza, Hendra virus, bluetongue, mucosal disease, and weed toxicities.

Lawrence developed a special interest in Johne’s disease from helping industries and governments to understand and manage its technical and social complexities, especially on-farm management to either prevent spread or to minimise the herd impacts of infection. His extensive experience with Johne’s disease was gained in the dairy, beef, sheep and goat industries. As programme leader of Johne’s disease with the South Australian and Queensland governments, he has fostered industry leadership, promoted farmer understanding, and developed innovative solutions to complex trading and technical issues.

Lawrence has presented at international and national conferences and is recognised globally for integrating Johne’s disease considerations of strategic planning, practical management, veterinary diagnostics, trade, and industry.