CellCheck Farmer Training

Did you know that you could increase your net farm profit by at least 1 cent per litre by improving mastitis control? Learn how at a CellCheck Farmer Workshop……

Speaking at a recent farmer workshop, Regional Coordinator, Brendan Dillon said “the farmer workshops provide farmers with an opportunity to learn about mastitis and the simple measures that can be taken to improve their SCC on their farm.  Facilitation is by a team of trained service providers – vets, milking machine technicians, coop milk quality advisors and farm advisors, who work with farmers every day in their own capacity, but the team approach is novel and farmers like the different interaction.”


Brendan Dillon presents Certificate of Attendance to a group of farmers who attended a CellCheck Farmer Workshop on the Mahoney Farm in Kilkenny recently. 

What do particpants say?

Andrew McHugh, dairy farmer of Brianstown, Longford attended a  CellCheck Farmer workshop.

He says “I would absolutely recommend this to others. The workshop contains lots of detail, and there is something for everyone to learn. There’s also huge learning from each other, through the questions asked during the day. The involvement of all the disciplines, like the machine technician and the vet, was something new to our group and very beneficial. And a cost of €40 is very minor, in comparison to the cost of one case of mastitis”.


This workshop will help you to understand the causes of mastitis and highlight how making simple changes in your everyday milking routine and management can improve and maintain lower SCC levels in your herd. CellCheck Farmer Workshops are now being run throughout the country, by teams of CellCheck-trained service providers. These trained teams will provide you with the combined expertise of a farm advisor, a vet, a milking machine technician and a co-op milk quality advisor.

The workshop is 2.5 hours in duration, and costs €40 per farmer (collected for AHI towards the cost of development , materials and delivery); it is farm-based with a mixture of classroom style learning, interactive and practical workstations, and group discussion. Group sizes are small to allow plenty of discussion and questions. To participate in a CellCheck Farmer Workshop, contact your farm advisor, vet, milking machine technician or co-op milk quality advisor. If they’ve been to CellCheck Stage 2 training they will have all the contacts needed to organise a workshop for your group.

Alternatively, contact the Regional Coordinator in your area for details of the regular CellCheck Farmer Workshops.

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