About AHI

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Constituted as a Company Limited by Guarantee, AHI functions as a partnership between private sector organisations and businesses in the agri-food sector and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. It is a not-for-profit organisation which receives no guaranteed income from the State; government funding is provided on the basis of strict matching with private sector contributions up to an agreed limit, meaning that the organisation depends entirely on its ability to attract investment from the private sector.  The fact that AHI has continued to attract and grow such support over the period since its establishment bears testimony to the organisation’s ability to deliver real outcomes on behalf of its stakeholders.

AHI provides benefits to livestock producers and processors by providing the knowledge, education and coordination required to establish effective control programmes for non-regulated diseases of livestock. The advice provided by AHI is developed by a number of Technical Working Groups, whose major outputs and policy advice, wherever possible, are published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Animal Health Ireland will be recognised as a world-class resource enabling Irish farmers and the agri-food industry to achieve and maintain the highest international standards of animal health, to improve the profitability and sustainability of their enterprises and to enhance the value and competitiveness of Irish products in the marketplace.

To contribute to a profitable and sustainable farming and agri-food sector through improved animal health.

AHI is tasked with pursuing effective control strategies for economically important diseases of livestock which are not subject to international regulation.

The following values are strongly held and underpin our work with, and on behalf of, our stakeholders:

Servicewe are committed to delivering outcomes of real and quantifiable value to our stakeholders.
Objective we base our practices, including the design and development of our programmes, on research, robust analysis, technical expertise and international best practice.
Collaborative we recognise that our objectives can only be achieved through collaboration, and we continually engage with our stakeholders to maximise their contributions to all aspects of our work programmes and to ensure that these are aligned with their requirements.
Innovative we constantly review the delivery of work programmes on behalf of our stakeholders, seeking better ways in which to add value to their businesses.
Accountable –  we are committed to complete transparency in accounting to our stakeholders for the use of the resources with which they provide us to achieve shared objectives.


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