Programme Registration

All herdowners are invited to register for the Irish Johne’s Control Programme (IJCP). Activities carried out after 1st of January 2019 are eligible for payment under the programme.

Farmers registered in Phase One of the programme have automatically have had their registrations carried forward to Phase Two.

The programme activities and funding supports activities and funding supports were provided initially for dairy herds and are now also available (but with reduced funding supports) for beef herd.

All herdowners should read the document requirements of the Irish Johne’s Control Programme prior to registration, and be familiar with the detail of the activities each herdowner is required to carry out as part of Phase Two.  The current technical manual is available here.  To register on-line for the IJCP click here.

If you require assistance with registration please email indicating the nature of your enquiry.   If you wish to register using a paper-based registration form click on the link, download the form, complete and sign the registration form and return to AHI, by post to Animal Health Ireland, 4/5, The Archways, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. N41 WN27.  Alternatively, a scanned copy can be sent by email to

A simple guide to the programme is provided as a Flowchart with links to details of what and how to undertake the required activities.

The IJCP currently requires each herdowner to:

  1. Complete an annual on-farm veterinary risk assessment and management plan (VRAMP) with their nominated approved veterinary practioner (AVP).
  2. Carry out an annual whole herd screening test (one blood sample or one milk samples from each eligible animal).
  3. Arrange ancillary testing of all animals that have a positive or inconclusive result to an ELISA test on a blood or milk sample. Herdowners with herds in which infection has been confirmed through a prior positive ancillary test should contact their AVP for further advice about requirements for ancillary testing.
  4. Register for a Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH) veterinary investigation if the herd returns a positive ancillary test result.

A herdowner checklist is available here 

What happens after registration?

After your registration has been successfully processed, AHI will notify you by automated email if you have registered online.  For paper based registrations, you will receive an SMS message once the process is completed. In addition, AHI will also notify your nominated AVP that you have registered for the programme.

However it is your responsibility to contact your AVP to arrange a veterinary risk assessment and management plan (VRAMP).  You should also contact your AVP or Milk Recording Organisation to arrange a whole herd screening test (ELISA milk or blood).

If you would like any further information about the Irish Johne’s Control Programme, please contact AHI by email or phone 071 9671928.

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