BVD TASAH Training

BVD TASAH Training

As part of the Rural Development Plan 2014-2020, co-funded by the Irish government and the EU, DAFM has developed a Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH) for farmers, which will be delivered by trained veterinary practitioners.  Under this initiative, we will be holding two BVD TASAH training sessions in the Midland Park Hotel, Portlaoise on Wednesday 16th January.  To book, click on the link below.  This training is free of charge to PVPs and the cost being met through the Rural Development Programme, which is co-funded by the Irish government and the European Union.

Under the Service, herd owners may submit a request to AHI for an advisory visit. All herds with one or more persistently infected calves will be eligible for a visit. Only veterinary practitioners who have undergone the TASAH-related training provided by AHI will be eligible to provide this Service. AHI will maintain a list of trained veterinary practitioners which will be available to herd owners, with the intention that, wherever possible, the advice is provided by their own veterinary practitioner. AHI has developed a portal on its website to inform trained practitioners of requests for the service and to allow them to manage these requests.

For BVD the goal of the Service is to investigate the herd to:

–              Identify the source of infection

–              Assist the herd owner in becoming BVD-free as quickly as possible

–              Review herd biosecurity and, where necessary, agree prioritised measures to improve this.

Booking is essential.                                                                                                      CVE credits: 4.0

Registration for the morning training sessions is 8.45am

Registration for the afternoon training session is 2.00pm

To book, please go to  or contact Lisa McNally in the AHI office on 071 9671928.



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