Johne’s Disease Programme Manager

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Lorna Citer – Johne’s disease Programme Manager

Lorna graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia in 1977 with a degree in veterinary science.  She worked as a government veterinary officer on the National Brucellosis and TB Eradication Campaign (BTEC) in the late seventies, and in private mixed practice in Australia and the UK.

After a number of years working in private practice, Lorna developed an interest in vocational training and coordinated a rural training centre for a vocational training organisation where she focused on delivering practical training programmes for farmers wanting to improve their farms’ profitability and productivity in New South Wales.  She also undertook further study in project management and more recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Management.

Lorna joined the staff of Animal Health Australia in 2003 and for a number of years managed the National Johne’s disease Control Programme.  During this time she developed an interest in endemic diseases generally and has worked with the sheep and dairy goat industries on a number of national disease surveillance and control projects.

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