Programme Enrolment

Enrolment Form

New applicants or those seeking further information should contact Animal Health Ireland directly on 071 9671928.

Financial Support

DAFM is providing funding to support the veterinary on-farm risk assessment and disease management advisory visit (VRAMP) and follow-up risk assessment visits. Only veterinary practitioners who have undergone specific training provided by AHI will be approved to undertake the assessments. Details of approved veterinary practitioners can be found by clicking here.

Participating milk processors have committed to providing financial support at the level of at least €100 towards the costs of animal testing.  Samples must be sent to any of the several laboratories, which are designated for this purpose.

Programme Components

Mandatory for participants in the 2016 pilot programme:

1. Programme enrolment

2. The provision by an approved veterinary practitioner of on-farm risk assessment and disease management advice.

3. Herd screening (using milk or blood samples)

4. Testing of samples in designated laboratories

5. Transfer of test results to a centralised database provided by ICBF

6. Limitation on the sale of JD positive animals

Full details of the technical components of the programme are contained in the Programme Technical Manual (2015) available here.

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