Pig HealthCheck


Pig HealthCheck is an Animal Health Ireland-led programme co-funded by pig producers and DAFM, with the aim of improving the profitability and sustainability of the Irish pig industry through improved animal health.

Current programme activity is focussed on the delivery of assessments of herd biosecurity (internal and external) and of risk factors for tail biting. Both of these are delivered free-of-charge by trained veterinary practitioners through the Targeted Advisory Service on Animal Health (TASAH) under the Rural Development Programme (2014-2020).

Future plans include the development of tools to assist pig farmers and their veterinary practitioners to control losses due to respiratory disease and welfare problems through capture, analysis and reporting of abattoir data from ante mortem and post mortem meat inspection.

A key element of the programme will be the development of bench-marking tools to allow farmers to monitor their status for a range of measures and to compare this with the national profile.

Other areas of activity will be identified in the coming months in consultation with stakeholders.

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