IBR Information leaflets from AHI

The IBR Technical Working Group of AHI has now published two information leaflets on IBR. The first “IBR in Cattle – Information leaflet for Irish farmers, advisors and vets” is a comprehensive leaflet providing information on the disease, how to investigate herds for evidence of infection and options for maintaining herd freedom or controlling infection where present. It can be accessed by clicking here.

The second document called ‘IBR– an information leafet for Irish farmers’, is a condensed version of the main leaflet that gives the key points on the disease and its control for those seeking a brief overview of IBR. It is available by clicking here.
A third leafet “IBR –  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” will also be available shortly. This provides in-depth information on IBR and is primarily aimed at those involved in investigation and control of infection.

The IBR Technical working Group comprises of the following members Michael Gunn (Chair), Stephen Conroy (ICBF), Doreen Corridan (Munster AI), Bosco Cowley (MSD Animal Health), Bernard Eivers (NCBC), Tim Geraghty (University of Glasgow), David Graham (Animal Health Ireland), Maria Guelbenzu (AFBI), Donal Lynch (Veterinary Ireland), Shane McElroy (Glanbia), John Melville (DAFM), Mary Newman (Zoetis), Ronan O’Neill (CVRL DAFM), and Riona Sayers (Teagasc).

More information is available by accessing the IBR section of the website by clicking here.

17 May 2013

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